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Disguised Structures

Aesthetically pleasing. Technologically superior. Community sensitive. These are the qualities of EE's disguised structures that help you meet the growing demand for wireless towers. We know that no two sites are similar and our job is to deliver solutions that fit unique geographies, weather conditions and visual demands. We design and construct structures that are adaptable to any environment, are easy-to-install and deliver quality and performance year after year.

We offer a wide range of products that blend into residential, recreational and upscale retail areas, including:

       Pine Poles xbox

Pine Tree Poles can help you win over zoning objections. Pine Tree Poles are constructed of galvanized steel with simulated bark and branches designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. The bark is molded, flexible and durable polyurethane. The branches are constructed of fiberglass and PVC, are UVR-resistant, provide maximum coverage, have steel mounting base with fiberglass framework and come in colors that fit any environment. Each tree is custom-created for your specific requirements. This is the best-looking product on the market, is priced as a best value and can be designed to accommodate multiple carries.

Pine Poles Gallery


       Flag Poles

Our Flag Poles are a perfect solution that combines a variety of commonplace configurations into a functioning, multiple use wireless tower. It provides the opportunity to move an antenna support structure right into the center of activity without negative reactions from city councils and local businesses. Whether your EE Flag Pole is flying the national colors of a country or lighting an area, it can provide seamless wireless coverage incorporated right into the beauty of the area. Flag Poles are available in the following styles: flag poles, lighting poles, cross poles and slick stick poles.

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       Architectural Towers xbox

Architectural towers are attractive, functional and blend easily into residential, recreational and upscale retail areas. Our three-legged antenna support structures are available in both single and multiple carrier designs up to 200 feet high. RF invisible fiberglass encloses antennas, and the galvanized finish can be painted any color. Custom graphics and colors, operational clock faces, spun aluminum or fiberglass bells, and an electronic bell chorus complete the illusion. Architectural Towers are available in the following styles: community towers, windmill towers, bell towers and clock towers.

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