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Steel Design & Fabrication

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From the initial design to final manufacturing, EE uses industry-accepted structural analysis software and CAD systems for fabrication layouts, bills of material and final drawings. We use numeric controlled cutting and automatic welding during manufacturing to ensure consistent quality and adherence to the most strict criteria and customer requirements. Many off our products are ISO certified.

We use only premium high-strength steel in our structures. Every one of our tapered tubular structures is fabricated from ASTM A572 Grade 65 materials which exceed all industry strength standards. These steel poles have fewer and lighter pieces, simplified connections, faster erection, lower erection costs and improved appearance compared to conventional steel construction.

Constant taper, uniform diameters and uniform strength deliver more predictable results than wood. Steel poles weigh 50-70 percent less and can be fabricated to accommodate custom framing or use of existing hardware for faster installation. They ship in sections if necessary and are easier to store and transport than concrete, lattice and wood. Lead times are short and predictable.

Fabrication of EE utility and wireless structures complies with provisions of both the AISC Manual of Steel Construction and ASCE’s Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures. All welding and inspection complies with the American Welding Society’s Specification D1.1. We strictly adhere to all applicable provisions of NESC, NEMA, EIA/TIA-222, AISC, IBC standards. All materials are traceable and fabrication testing and inspection reports are provided with all structures.