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In place. On time. Up to any task.

Before we implement a utility structure solution for you, our professional engineering and management team begins with a clear understanding of your mechanical requirements, your site constraints and your installation timetable. With our blend of professional engineering, custom analysis software, precision manufacturing and a quality-conscious supply chain, you can be sure your structure will be in place, on time, and up to any task.

Strength and grace.

EE provides tapered tubular structures made of high-strength steel for both transmission and substation applications. These structures are lighter, stronger, more economical, and less bulky than conventional steel construction. Our tapered tubular design is graceful in appearance without sacrificing strength.

Tapered sections are stronger at the bottom, lighter at the top and equally strong in all directions to resist varying wind loads, compared to wide-flange lattice construction. They offer a high degree of rigidity for structures that support sensitive switches, arresters or filters. In a substation, a single tapered column can support a switch stand or bus support, where a similar design in lattice or wide flange would require two or even four foundations.

When installed in a location where public acceptance is critical, tapered tubular structures are far more aesthetically pleasing than lattice or wood construction. Whether you are designing a low-profile structure near a residential development or integrating a transmission line in an urban setting, EE tubular structures are the perfect solution.